FOTO Lupta pe care n-au ales-o


Un fotograf american a documentat lupta soției sale cu cancerul, în încercarea de a umaniza cumplita boală, de a arăta provocarea, dificultățile, frica, tristețea și singurătatea. Angelo Merendino a făcut o selecție de fotografii emoționante care spun povestea lor de dragoste în timpurile grele ale luptei cu cancerul. El a creat un site pentru asta și și-a intitulat povestea “Lupta pe care n-am ales-o”.


Jen blurry



Waiting to speak with a radiologist about treatment of the cancer in her bone and on her liver, Jen is anxious and irritated.

Recently hospitalized because of excruciating pain in her hip, Jen yearns for relief from her pain medication.


While hospitalized, Jen asked me to bring our clippers from home and shave her head, since chemotherapy was causing her hair to fall out.

5-13-2011 Jen waiting to get chemo after 2 weeks in hospital

A passerby stares as Jen hails a cab.


Jen applies her final touches as we prepare to go to my parent's 60th wedding anniversary.

After a summer walk, Jen sits in the window and paints her nails.

10-9-2011 Man looking at Jen

6-19-2011 Jen walking old lady covering her eyes to see

Beth reaching for Jens hand



Jen floating in the ocean

7-26-2011 Jen rinsing off with cane in Topsail


10-19-2011 Jen on the corner

10-26-2011 Jen with radiation mask

Jen in pain Urgent Care

Methadone side effects

Jen sleeps while receiving chemotherapy treatment. On top of the physical toll taken by chemotherapy, the daily emotional struggle is exhausting.

11-22-2011 Jen's eyelashes

Jen's dad, Larry, nervously sits at the end of her bead while Jen sleeps. After 14 days in the hospital, Jen came home today.

Riding home in a cab after chemotherapy treatment, Jen rests her head on her mom's shoulder.

12122011 Suppot group

12-16-2011 Jen receiving communion

12-17-2011 F/Stop guarding Jen


Empty bed

12-29-2011 Following the hearse to Jen's burial



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  2. Am trait-o , am patit-o…. fara cuvinte…pentru ce sa luptam … daca nu ne ajuta nimeni,,,, nici macar Dumnezeu in lupta asta… Mai bine roll the dice and play it off pana la capat. BAFTA

  3. Trist si impresionant cum oamenii se omoara unii pe altii, in special prin “otravurile” din alimente. Dezumanizarea societatii duce la astfel de cazuri..

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