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Somen Debnath, indianul care face inconjurul lumii pe bicicleta, a discutat online cu cititorii.

Un indian face inconjurul lumii pe o bicicleta intr-o campanie de constientizare asupra riscurilor HIV/SIDA. Somen Debnath si-a inceput calatoria in 2004, cu doar 17 dolari in buzunar. Pana acum a parcurs 75.670 de kilometri, trecand prin 41 de tari. Somen s-a aflat in dialog cu cititorii Think Outside the Box.

– Intalnirea online s-a incheiat.

Turul indianului in jurul lumii include 191 de tari si se va termina in 2020.


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    • somen.debnath on

      I am living with people,people are supporting me for my travel,by which i am trying to manage all diffeculties.

      i am getting help from community and local people who are helping food ,accomodation and same financial support and sametime company are giving same sponsor as a support for my mission.

      This idea was in my dream,and from my childhood got it from THE HEMALAYA-n travel

      • Magda Barascu on

        Sunt inconjurat de oameni si ei ma sprijina in calatoria mea, ma ajuta sa depasesc toate dificultatile.

        Primesc ajutor si din partea comunitatilor prin care trec, sunt localnici care imi ofera mancare, cazare, ajutor financial, imi tin companie si ma ajuta sa reusesc in misiunea mea.

        Ideea aceasta e, de fapt, visul meu din copilarie, o am de cand am urcat pe Himalaya.

  1. Namaste !

    How did you get this idea ? Of cycling around the world to promote HIV awareness ?
    Do you know any other people who are doing something similar ?
    Do you take part also at some other events which promotes the HIV awareness in the countries you visit ?
    How do you find Romania compared to some neighbouring countries you cycled through ?
    Which was your route so far ?
    Thank you and let Ganesh protect you 🙂 !

    • somen.debnath on

      “Education is the manifastation of the perfection for a man”.i got this note from Swami Vivekananda.I want to learn from people and by that support i can teach people,that was my 1st thought.

      Yes HIV/AIDS was a great issue which changed me to take this path more was a story which is very much related with my travel and that insident one of the couse my AIDS awareness for my youth mission.
      No i don,t know .but i will be happy if any other people of the world are doing this!
      yes i an doing same events like question and answers /playing Crecket and footboll/cycling with student to promote HIV/AIDS awareness different countries.
      i am coming from bulgaria,i think romanian rood are good for cycling,during my travel in south europe, and balcan romania good way for cycling.
      oh it is long i am traveling last 41 country from asia to europe,

      • Magda Barascu on

        ”Educatia este manifestarea perfectiunii pentru un om”, spune un citat din Swami Vivekananda. Vreau sa invta de la oameni si, prin asta, sa ii invat si eu cate ceva, acesta a fost primul meu gand.

        Problema SIDA este una foarte importanta si m-a motivat sa imi iau drumul mult mai in serios. Povestea asta este foarte legata de calatoria mea si este cauza pentru care lupt, sa ii fac pe tineri sa constientizeze asta.

        Nu mai cunosc alti oameni care sa faca asta, dar as fi fericit sa ii cunosc, daca exista. Particip la diverse evenimente in tarile pe care le vizitez, raspund la intrebari, joc cricket sau fotbal cu studentii, ne plimbam cu bicicleta impreuna si vorbim despre SIDA si cum poate fi ea prevenita.

        Acum vin din Bulgaria si drumurile din Romania mi se par foarte bune pentru ciclism; in timpul calatoriei mele prin Balcani am mers pe drumuri foarte bune.

        E o poveste lunga, am mers prin 41 de tari, din Asia catre Europa.

  2. hello

    how you manage with the financial aspects of your trip (accomodation, food, visa costs, etc.)?
    in which amount these expenses are covered by sponsors which joined your initiative after the trip began?
    how many miles/km in average are you covering per day or per week?
    besides the usual trip, your initiative promotes any other message (peace, love, happiness perhaps :))?
    did you ever get seriously ill and needed hospitalization during your trip until now?

    thank you and enjoy your courages endeavour.

    • somen.debnath on

      Accommodation I’m getting from one group of people who are couch surfers I’m getting some financial support from people and companies, who want to help me with my travel by which I’m covering my food expenses. Visa costs and passport work are looking after by Indian embassies. in different countries.

      I’ve started my journey with 17 dollars and I’m supported by sponsors, if I don’t have sponsors, I’m working and getting money to extend my journey.

      Average I’m traveling 80km/per day.

      Yes, I want to come close to people, I want to learn from people, and I think love, peace and happiness are eternal and immortal and I’m campaign my message for all of my friends.

      When I was in Kazakhstan I was hospitalized because I had kidney stones.

      • Magda Barascu on

        Cazarea imi este oferita de oameni care au un pat liber si il pun la dispozitia calatorilor pe . Primesc ajutor financiar de la oamenii si companiile care vor sa ma sustina pentru calatorie si care imi acopera cheltuielile de calatorie si mancarea. In ce priveste costurile de viza si pasaport, ambasadele indiene din fiecare tara se ocupa de ele.

        Mi-am inceput calatoria cu 17 dolari si am fost sustinut de sponsori; daca n-o sa mai am sponsori, o sa lucrez ca sa-mi continui calatoria.

        Pedalez in medie 80km/zi.

        Da, imi place sa ma apropii de oameni, sa invat de la ei si cred ca dragostea, pacea si fericirea sunt eterne si nemuritoare. Acesta este mesajul pe care vreau sa il transmit tuturor prietenilor mei.

        Am fost spitalizat in Kazakhstan pentru ca am avut pietre la rinichi.

    • somen.debnath on

      Yes, I’ve started with this amount of money. I’m getting help from people, I’m working, and sometimes I’m getting some sponsor from companies.

      If any company interested in my journey want to support me, they can support and I can give some partnership package for them.

      • Magda Barascu on

        Da, am inceput cu aceasta suma de bani. Primesc ajutor de la oameni, lucrez si, cateodata, sunt sponsorizat de companii.

        Daca exista vreo companie dornica sa ma ajute, pot sa ma contacteze si eu pot sa le ofer in schimb un parteneriat.

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  4. There is a French guy I know – Ronan Barentin – that took a similar trip (“only” a few thousands kilometers from France to Romania) to help a friend. You might exchange some tips & tricks with him.

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  6. You got a stong will…..what is your motivation? what advice can you give , to some of us who want to do a journey like this om the bycicle.
    Keep it going!!! good luck

    • somen.debnath on

      I think my will is not so strong, I’m just a traveler, I have nothing, my will power is from my God, and my God is my people.
      thank you

      • Magda Barascu on

        Nu cred ca vointa mea este atat de puternica, sunt doar un calator, n-am nimic, vointa mea vine de la Dumnezeu si Dumnezeu este in oamenii din jurul meu.


  7. This is great! Congrat.
    Question: bike and HIV? it seems odd . Defenetly not in a bad sense :).

    Thanks and a lot of good, best luck.

    • somen.debnath on

      yes, right bike cannot prevent HIV/AIDS, but for HIV prevention I choose bike, because bike is for environment and HIV/AIDS is a disease which can be harmful for environment. Bike – preventing, and HIV – protecting.

      thank you

      • Magda Barascu on

        Da, intr-adevar, bicicleta nu poate preveni SIDA, insa eu am ales bicicleta pentru ca bicicleta ajuta mediul, iar SIDA este o afectiune care ii poate dauna mediului.


  8. I am doing at the moment the tour of Europe on bike and i am in UK. I let you respond to all the rest of the questions and I will contact you personaly on your website. I wish you all the best and like cyclists like: BACK WIND

    • somen.debnath on

      great to hear from you I’m very happy to know you’re traveling as well and now you are right OTHERS COVER WE EXPOSE.

      • Magda Barascu on

        E minunat sa aud despre tine si sunt foarte fericit ca si tu calatoresti, de asemenea. Ai dreptate: ceea ce altii vor sa ascunda, noi scoatem la iveala.

  9. Hello Somen! I understand you and I congratulate you for this awesome and eventful way of living. It is the best decision you could have ever taken. I am also a cyclotourist, one of the best from Eastern Europe with over 130 000km cycled in Europe in the last 12 years. But I am a little nobody in comparison with you, but one day I will tour the world bicycle, too. Maybe you’ll beat the record of Heinz Stucke who travelled by bicycle in 193 countries. Anyway I would like to meet you, I invite you to my place, I live in western part of Romania in a little town called Ineu, in the county of Arad. That would be great if we could meet to cycle together and I want to offer you hospitality and to tell you about Romania. I will try to get into touch with you! May Lord protect you wherever you will roam by bicycle in this world and I hope you will find true enlightenment on this amazing journey.
    Best regards,

    • somen.debnath on

      Thank you Claudiu for your invitation, I’ll give you my contact and I’ll be happy to see you if it is possible for me, but we’ll keep in touch

      email: somen2020globe[at]
      Romanian mobile number: 0724 17 93 24

      • Magda Barascu on

        Iti multumesc pentru invitatie, Claudiu, o sa iti dau datele mele de contact si mi-ar placea sa ne vedem, daca voi avea cum. Tinem legatura!

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  11. What was the strangest thing that happened during your trip?
    What did you learn from all the countries you’ve seen and people you’ve met so far, during this trip?

    Good luck and good health to you!

    • somen.debnath on

      I was 20 meters up in a tree, down was my bike, 3 leopards were playing with my bike.

      All over the world people are the same, they are all related to each other by culture, practical relations and they are all connected.

      thank you

      • Magda Barascu on

        Eram sus, intr-un copac, la 20 de metri inaltime si jos era bicicleta mea, cu care se jucau trei leoparzi.

        Peste tot in lume oamenii sunt la fel, se aseamana prin cultura, prin relatiile pe care le dezvolta si sunt cu totii conectati.


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  13. how do you manage to stay fit during the trip? how many miles are you doing day by day? do you have any pshisycal difficulties? how much training do you need to do such a trip?

    • somen.debnath on

      when I’m traveling in the countryside I’m traveling with my tent, I’m staying in the middle of nature and by I’m getting some friend who accommodate me, and give me a place to sleep.

      80 km per day/ 65 miles

      Until now I have no physical difficulties but I need a medical check-up.

      I got a training from West Bengal State AIDS prevention and control Society which is the regional AIDS control Society of NACO of India. And also I need a training from a doctor and a bike checking.

      • Magda Barascu on

        Cand calatoresc prin zone rurale, am cortul la mine si stau in mijlocul naturiiș pentru orase folosesc Imi gasesc mereu prieteni care sa ma cazeze si sa imi dea un loc unde sa dorm.

        80km pe zi / 65 mile

        Pana acum nu am intampinat dificultati fizice, insa am nevoie de un control medical.

        Am fost pregatit de Societatea Bengalului de Vest pentru Prevenirea SIDA care este o filiala regionala a NACO India. Am mai primit sfaturi de la un medic si am fost invatat si cum sa-mi repar bicicleta.

      • Magda Barascu on

        Da, aceasta calatorie m-a schimbat, la fel ca si scrierile lui Ghandi: ”ochi pentru ochi nu face decat sa orbeasca intreaga lume”.

  14. Is there anything you would change in your life if you could turn back the time? Don’t you feel alone along the trip? Don’t you miss your family?

    • somen.debnath on

      Yes I’m a global family member, and I think each and every family is my family, when I’m staying with my family, I’m finding love as a mother, as a father and brother or sister when I’m belonging with the family during my trip, and that gives us a great happiness and I feel my parents always with me and I’m blessed by them.

      • Magda Barascu on

        Sunt membrul unei familii globale si cred ca fiecare om si fiecare familie este familia mea cand stau la ei; gasesc dragoste de mama, de tata, de frate sau de sora si apartin fiecari familii pe care o intalnesc in timpul calatoriei mele. Asta ma face foarte fericit. Imi simt mereu parintii in preajma si sunt binecuvantat de ei.

  15. Congratulation, i hope to enjoy Romania , places and peoples, my question is : is not to far for your jorney to end in 2020?…. what about the family, friend your life. I admire you and your long trip. God bless you !!!

    • somen.debnath on

      I think 2020 is not so far for me, in the last 6 years I traveled the world and I feel I’ve just left home yesterday.

      God bless you too!

      • Magda Barascu on

        2020 nu mi se pare chiar atat de indepartat. Am calatorit prin lume timp de 6 ani si mi se pare ca ieri am plecat de acasa.

        Dumnezeu sa te binecuvinteze si pe tine!

  16. Hi there! Would love to know if you will be cycling through Targu Mures, because I would love to host you and show you around. If yes, tell me, I will send you my email and phone number! Wishing you all the best!

    • somen.debnath on

      Thank you for your invitation, I’ll also give you my email and phone number, stay in touch, hope to see you when I reach there.

      email: somen2020globe[at]
      Romanian mobile number: 0724 17 93 24

      • Magda Barascu on

        Iti multumesc pentru invitatie, iti voi lasa si eu adresa de e-mail si numarul de telefon, tinem legatura si sper sa ne vedem cand ajung acolo.

  17. Hi there,
    just got online and wanna to tell you that you doing a great thing. Is there a place you post things about your trip and photos ? All the best and good luck

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