FOTO Cum nasc femeile din diferite colţuri ale lumii


Deşi naşterea e o experienţă universală, condiţiile în care se desfăşoară diferă adesea de la o cultură la alta. Fotografa americană Alice Proujanksy a realizat recent o serie de imagini intitulată Birth Culture, în care a documentat diferite saloane şi încăperi unde femei din mai multe regiuni ale lumii dau naştere. De la prima fotografie realizată în timpul unei naşteri din 2006, artista a prins fascinaţia acestui moment esenţial, urmărindu-l apoi constant de-a lungul câtorva ani: “E o experienţă stranie, puternică şi înspăimântătoare, care poate fi şi foarte frumoasă,” spune Proujansky.


A patient with her newborn baby at the Juan Pablo Pina public hospital in San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic.

A visitor holds Habibat Adeboye's baby shortly after delivery at the Doctors Without Borders-run Aiyetoro Health Centre in Lagos, Nigeria. The clinic offers free care to women who live in a slum and have poor access to health care. At the time, federal doctors were on strike.

Laos, Nigeria

A nurse inserts Megan Tudryn's IV in preparation for an epidural at the Baystate Franklin Medical Center in Greenfield, MA. The staff encourages women to make their own decisions about pain management during labor.With few exceptions, midwifery forms the basis of the hospital's obstetric care, while doctors provide backup and a tertiary care hospital an hour away consults.

Massachusetts, SUA

Jen Carnig holds her son Wiley James Carnig Lavoie immediately after his birth at home as her husband Dan Lavoie, daughter Olive Carnig-Lavoie and best friend Lisa Johnson, look on.

New York, SUA

Traditional Mayan midwife Elsa Gonzalez Ayala shows CASA Midwifery School students how to perform a traditional Mayan massage used to shrink a woman's uterus and reduce post-partum bleeding - on Nelsi Marvella Tuk Balam.CASA Midwifery School students traveled to the rural village of Chunhuhub to learn traditional methods from traditional Mayan midwives and to teach them contemporary practices in exchange.


Laura Mejia, 38 labors at the Birth Place, assisted by her husband, Brandon Smith and doula Stephanie Abdullah-Simmons.All patients at this birth center in Winter Garden, FL deliver with midwives unless a complication arises, in which case they are transferred to a hospital. The process offers a model of safe, low-cost, respectful maternity care that is unusual in the United States, where most women give birth with doctors and outcomes are comparatively poor among developed nations.

Florida, SUA

Midwife Dorothy Igoro Chinyere examines a patient immediately following delivery at the Doctors Without Borders-run Aiyetoro Health Centre.

Lagos, Nigeria


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