Condamnati la balcanism? Ambasadorul Marii Britanii in Romania, Robin Barnett, raspunde intrebarilor cititorilor TOTB


De 20 de ani, suntem in tranzit continuu. Ne indreptam spre Occident, numai ca se pare ca nu ajungem niciodata la nivelul lor. N-avem infrastructura, defrisam in nestire, nu respectam legile, suntem intoleranti din toate punctele de vedere, suntem agresivi in viata noastra de zi cu zi si mai ales in trafic si nu putem accepta oamenii care sunt diferiti de noi. E de vina mentalitatea noastra sau putem invata sa construim o societate mai buna? Cum percepe un strain viata, tara si obiceiurile noastre? Robin Barnett, ambasadorul Marii Britanii, va raspunde marti intrebarilor cititorilor TOTB.

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Temele care vor fi abordate se vor referi la:

  • Protectia mediului: despre neajunsurile Romaniei in acest domeniu, despre schimbari climatice si incotro ne indreptam, despre oportunitatile care se ivesc in zona investitiilor verzi, in special in domeniul energiilor regenerabile, despre ONG-urile din Romania sau despre ce avem de facut pentru a fi o tara “eco friendly”;
  • Toleranta si drepturi individuale: despre cat de departe suntem de Occident in aceste domenii, despre intoleranta romanilor in ceea ce priveste caategoriile defavorizate, despre tabuuri, mentalitati si cum se schimba ele, despre homofobie, rasism si nationalism in Romania;
  • Mentalitati: despre cum este perceputa tara noastra de strainii din Romania si din afara, despre mentalitatea noastra si cat de balcanica e ea si despre ce ar trebui sa facem pentru a avea o societate mai toleranta.

Asteptam intrebarile voastre pana luni, ora 10:00. Cele mai bune dintre ele vor fi cuprinse in cadrul unui interviu cu domnul ambasador.

  • Puneti intrebari prin formularul de comentarii de la finalul textului
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Cine este Robin Barnett

Ambasador la Bucuresti din anul 2006, Robin Barnett s-a remarcat prin sustinerea cauzelor sociale, pe care le considera foarte aproape de inima sa. El s-a implicat in actiuni caritabile, a lucrat impreuna cu numeroase ONG-uri romanesti si a incurajat proiecte comune cu societatea civila din Marea Britanie. Considera ca un sector neguvernamental puternic este esential intr-o democratie sanatoasa.

In cei patru ani petrecuti in Romania, Robin Barnett a devenit cunoscut drept ambasadorul schimbarilor climatice. Fie ca a mers la birou cu metroul sau tramvaiul, a plantat copaci, a combatut cu cei sceptici, a promovat afacerile ‘verzi’ sau a lucrat impreuna cu guvernul roman in preambulul conferintelor internationale, diplomatul britanic s-a remarcat prin interesul deosebit pentru subiecte legate de lupta impotriva incalzirii globale.

In mandatul sau, a avut actiuni si declaratii extrem de vizibile si curajoase. N-a ezitat sa ne critice cand a fost cazul, i-a placut intodeauna sa ne reaminteasca ca avem o problema cu infrastructura, mai ales cu caile ferate, n-a ezitat niciodata sa ia pozitie si sa apere categoriile defavorizate din Romania si sa vorbeasca despre teme care la noi inca sunt considerate tabuuri.

Prin prisma experientei sale din Polonia, unde a fost diplomat inainte si dupa prabusirea regimului comunist, ambasadorul s-a implicat in procesul de crestere a eficientei si capacitatii administratiei publice romanesti, inclusiv prin promovarea unor parteneriate practice intre regiunile si orasele din Romania si din Regatul Unit.

In mai putin de o luna, paraseste Romania, pentru ca mandatul sau se apropie de sfarsit. I-ar placea insa sa se intoarca ca turist si prieten.

Mai multe despre Robin Barnett pe blogul sau si pe website-ul ambasadei.


17 comentarii

  1. Un om extraordinar pe care sunt mandru ca am avut ocazia sa-l cunosc. M-am bucurat sa-l aud deseori sustinand cauza poporului roman cand politicienii nostri nu-si vedeau decat interesele personale sau de partid. O persoana remarcabila care merita toata admiratia si careia ii urez o cariera usoara in continuare.

  2. I was wandering if you could name a personality from Romania that would have had a chance to be appointed as “Sir” by Her Majesty the Queen. Of course, if that person would have lived in UK or in close ties with UK.
    If you could do that, please let me know what are the “ingredients” of that personality.
    Thank you in advance.

  3. I am living presently in UK and I was watching on BBC or ITV very informative and balanced analysis of global warming. The presentation of data gathered over years and years, the struggle to be as objective as possible, the logical arguments would convince everybody that this is real. I know that in science community this is an established fact, but some part of the media is trying to dismiss it. From my perception in Romania the percentage a people thinking that global warming is just a hoax to impose taxes on business is very high. I think this is because people are not informed, and in Romanian media there is not such a high standard in presenting these facts.
    Would you be in position to facilitate broadcasting this BBC documentaries in Romanian media? This would have a tremendous impact on members of the public.


  4. credeti ca politicienii din Romania sunt reprezentativi culturii romane si daca ar fi sa le dati o nota acestora, care ar fi aceea?
    va multumesc!

  5. O intrebare care intra la “drepturi individuale”, “teme care la noi inca sunt considerate tabuuri”. Va rog sa nu o cenzurati !
    Ce parere aveti despre eutanasia voluntara (voluntary euthanasia) ?

  6. Rollo Tomasi on

    What do you think about the Rosia Montana gold mining project ?

    What do you think about the devolution process in Romania ?

  7. Dragos Talvescu on

    Robin, do you believe the Romanian government is committed to achievieng its targets under the EU 20-20-20 policy? I would be most interested to find out about the 24% share of renewable energy under the burden sharing agreement. What motivates the Romanian government to comply and what deters it? Will the renewable capacities in Romania be built because Western multinationals want to push their technologies in catch-up economy (increase scale economies, cash in subsidies) or do we genuinely have the drive and capacity to do it on our own? In other words, how much is pushed/ brough upon Romania from Europe and how much could be nurtured in Romania?

  8. Dear Mr. Barnett,
    First of all, thank you for accepting to answer our questions.
    I would like to start by saying that our mentality is not that different than the one of other people in the West, the only thing is in the West you have more laws which are respected and justice does function. A lot of problems are caused by high level corroption, that is the core of our problems, followed by poverty.
    Anyhow, there a loads of beautiful Romanians who work hard in their field, there are efforts that are being made and they will never get to be known.
    My answer is, WHY british media covers only the peculiar, the negative, the crimes commited my Romanian citizens, why, oh why, it’s always this same old sad story, we are practically made K.O. by the Western media?
    I hope you’ll put in the shoes of many intellectual Romanians working hard in the West, and still having to justify themselves, the same old story …you know, we are not that bad, we have a culture, we had extraordinary people who contributed to the human development etc. etc.
    Well, I’m tired to go on.
    It hurts to be Romanian these days. I’m sorry to say that, but the Western media is no better than the tabloids in Romania.

  9. Corect era tranzitie continua. Numai ca noi ne facem ca suntem in tranzitie. Ca si democratia noastra,, originala” tranzitia e si ea o cioara vopsita.E suficient sa studiem atent constitutia (gaunoasa) si legislatia in vigoare ca sa ne dam seama de asta.Pornind de la premiza elementara ca orice decizie politica, administrativa sau de alt soi trebuie sa aiba temei legislativ, nu e da mirare ca o LALAIM si o vom lalai in continuare pina ce oameni sanatosi la bibilica vor da tarii o constitutie teafara si legi asemenea in concordanta cu principiile legislative ale UE si altor tari civilizate.O zi buna!

  10. Dear Mr Barnett,

    I can only subscribe to the question asked earlier by Iris. Quote: ” WHY british media covers only the peculiar, the negative, the crimes commited my Romanian citizens, why, oh why, it’s always this same old sad story, we are practically made K.O. by the Western media?”
    I’ve been living abroad for quite a number of years, and I honestly have sometimes the feeling that there is a whole campaign in the western european media of depicting romanians as stupid, uneducated, rapist, thieves, romanian woman as prostitutes, and so on. The Romanians I know are educated, honest, hard workers…….I think that Europe misses out a lot by purposely ignoring us and our culture, by trying by all means to make of us its “black sheep”…

  11. Ati fost mai discret decat alti ambasadori occidentali (Germania, Elvetia, SUA) in legatura cu modificarile legislative privind coruptia sau reforma judiciara din Romania, lucru neobisnuit pentru un ambasador britanic. Totusi, la sfarsit de mandat, ce sfaturi dati politicienilor romani pentru a construi o Romanie mai curata? Multumesc, Alberto

  12. Your Excellence,

    What do you feel is the best intellectual product Romania could succesfuly share with the Western world?

    Thank you.

  13. Robin, care este parerea ta in legatura cu politica de mediu care ar trebui adoptata in lagatura cu functionarea industriilor poluante in imediata apropiere a zonelor rezidentiale. Spre exemplu, la Timisoara de peste 3 ani zeci de mii de locuitori ai acestui oras se confrunta zilnic cu poluarea generata de fabricantul de anvelope Continental care produce cauciuc la mai putin de 100 de metri de blocuri, cae, spitale,gradinite. Au fost mii de sesizari si plangeri la toate personalitatile de la cele locale pana la presedintele romaniei caruia ii s-a cerut sa puna institutile statului in sslujba cetateanului. Nu s-a intamplat nimic, fabrica a primit autorizatie de mediu desi au fost buletine de analize care au demonstrat poluarea si mai mult au primit autorizatie pentru o noua fabrica in acelasi loc unde sa produca cauciuc brut prin procedee ce utilizeaza negru de fum si siliciu. Cu alte cuvinte sanatatea noastra va continua sa fie pusa in pericol grav prin aceste permisiuni cinice din partea statului caruia nu ii pasa de oameni. Pana in acest moment nu s cunosc efectele poluarii cu cauciuc asupra sanatatii locuitorilor. Te rugam sa ne sprijini sa putem respira aer in propria noastra casa. Cred ca abordarea problemelor de mediu pornind de la un studiu de caz ar fi mult mai utila decat o retorica cu valente metafizice

  14. Dear Mr Barnett,

    I can see in the news on a daily basis how our authorities fail to put the guilty ones behind bars. I’m not talking about small time burglars, it’s the corrupt politicians I have in mind.

    Is there anyway the European Union or a higher authority can override the decisions made by our justice system?

    Best regards,

  15. 2 intrebari as dori sa-i adresez:
    1. Pana cand va continua discriminarea cetatenilor romani si bulgari? Daca dumnealui crede ca un tribunal care apara drepturile omului si nu drepturile politicianului, ar da castig de cauza guvernului Marii Britanii…
    2. Ce parere are despre noul scandal politic in care BP este implicat vis-a-vis de eliberarea lui Megrahi? (referitor la balcanisme si coruptie)

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